Our farm products



Organic flour
We cultivate wheat and spelt using crop rotation techniques without fertilizers or pesticides.
Our wheat is ground in an antique stone mill several times during the course of the year to guarantee absolute fresh flour.
Our flour is available in vacuum packs to guarantee its freshness, in packages from 1 to 5 kilos.
For garden lovers: an assortment of seeds for herbs and flowers which are useful in combating diseases and insects which are harmful to plants.
We can also supply you with a list of addresses of suppliers in the area where you can find quality Piacentine products.

Farine de blé tendre intégrale et blanche (0)
Paquet sous vide de 1Kg

Epeautre complet et farine d’épeautre
Paquet sous vide de 1 Kg

Confiture de coings et poires
Pots de 400g et 700g

Confiture de figues
Pots de 700g e 1Kg

Pate de coings
Sachet de 300g